Monday, 21 December 2009

UK Government Response to the LDN Now 13,000 Signature NHS Low Dose Naltrexone Trial Petition to Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown

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All drugs need to be thoroughly tested to make sure they are safe enough to be made available to patients. Most research of this kind is done by the pharmaceutical industry. The Government is aware that occasionally there will be few or no commercial incentives for companies to fund clinical trials.

The Department of Health’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) supports the research most likely to bring benefits to patients and to the NHS. High quality proposals for support into any aspect of human health are always welcome. The NIHR Health Technology Assessment programme in particular is keen to receive suggestions for research topics in areas of market failure. These can be sent through the open access form at:

To date, no application has been received regarding low dose naltrexone. Any application would be considered on its merits.


Author's Note - There is reason to suspect the sbove is not factually correct and that one application has been made. More news to follow later.

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  1. Potential 'benefits' to the NHS budget from LDN include savings of around £13,000 per patient per year for Crohn's and MS patients alone.